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Baby Steps –Now is the Time to Start with Avon

Even though you may have a full-time job and feel that it is rewarding, becoming an Avon Representative and hopefully becoming fully self-employed in your Avon Business can be even more rewarding and meaningful than great pay and solid benefits.

You can think small.  When you start now as an Avon Representative, you can work your own Avon business as well as your day job.  It can be a terrific side gig.  As your Avon business grows, you can then decide when you can part with your day job.

It may be terrifying to go off on your own, but when you’re in your own business, you are the one responsible for your success.  If you don’t work your business, your business will not pay you.  And remember, it does require some sacrifice.  It will take extra effort as you multi-tak around your other responsibilities.

However, once you begin reaping the benefits of being your own boss and hustling your way into making more money than you ever thought possible at your day job, the hard-work will be worth it.

As with any other business this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It will take much time and effort.  However, when you put forth that consistent effort, you will see your business grow each month.

To have a successful Avon business, I suggest you do a bit of online and face-to-face selling to get started.  But it is entirely up to you.  You will get out of your business what you put into it.  Always remember that!

I consistently build my business via online sales, as well as recruiting online.

Are you looking to build an Avon Business and sell Avon only online?  If so, you’re thinking the right way!  I have had much success with online sales and I do assist my team to use the same techniues that I use while selling Avon online.

Avon has made it even easier to Sign Up and Sell Sell Avon Online.  With just a couple of easy steps, you can Become An Avon Representative Online.

As an Avon Representative, you can enjoy many benefits!

I began selling Avon in 1987 and left and came back a few times, knowing that I was good at it.  I returned one last time in 2009 and have been gangbusters every since.  I have built a top Avon business via online marketing and social selling.

These are just a few examples of why I love Being an Avon Representative:

Being my own BOSS — As my own boss, I get to decide which days I will devote time to my business.  I have no set vacation days or sick days.  If I need a mental health day for myself or for some fun with family, I am the one who decides how to work my business around it.

Flexible Hours — Even though I still work my full-time day job, my Avon business offers me flexibility to decide how much extra income I would like to bring in for my family, or to pay for our wonderful vacations.

Unlimited Income — The Avon Opportunity is a blessing in lots of ways.  I make great money as an Avon Representative.  I have so much passion in selling Avon, because Avon offers products for everyone.

You can Sign Up to Sell Avon here and be in business for yourself (but not by yourself) right here and be in business in just a few minutes.

You can choose from 3 starter kits — $25/$50/$100; the choice is yours!

In addition to your initial investment to Sell Avon, you will be responsible for buying your own Avon brochures (they are sold in packs of 10 for $6.49) as well as sales tools.

You will also be charged a shipping fee when you place your orders each campaign (personal face-to-face orders).  This fee starts at $6 but can be recouped when you collect a .75 service fee from each customer that places orders directly with you.

Your personal website is FREE for you to use and Avon provides you with many tools to promote your website online and on social media.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Avon?

With Avon’s new KickStart Program, you can earn over $1,00 0 in your first 90 days as an Avon Representative.

After your first 90 days, you will earn 20-50% earnings on all  full earnings items and 20% comission on fixed-earnings items.

When you Sell Avon Online, you earn 20-50% comission.  Your online sales are combined with your face-to-face (traditional) sales to determine your earnings level for each campaign.

Avon Earnings Chart:

$0 – $149.99 = 20%
$150 – 299.99 = 30%
$300 – 499.99 = 35%
$500+ = 40%

Are you ready to get started?  Sign up to Sell Avon Online HERE.

It is quick and easy.  You will fill out a very quick application and selected your started kit.  You will be in business in minutes

When you Sign up to Sell Avon Online you will receive your Starter Kit in the mail within five business days after your account is set-up.

Once you are a member of my Avon team, I will send you a welcome email and you will begin receiving other important updates from me to help you build
your business while you wait to receive your Starter Kit from Avon.

Ready to sign up right now?
Click here to begin your journey with Avon

Looking to purchase Avon?
Click here to purchase Avon online

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